Bureau for Policy, Planning and Learning

Established in June 2010, the Bureau for Policy, Planning and Learning (PPL) plays a key role in projecting USAID as the premier development agency. Its structure includes the following Offices:

  • Policy: Leads the Agency in formulating and implementing policy and strategy, ensures policy coherence and coordination, informs external audiences about Agency direction, ensures development perspectives are actively considered in foreign and national security policy formulation, and reinvigorates USAID's leadership within the development community.
  • Strategic and Program Planning: Leads Agency efforts to revitalize country and regional strategic planning and project design, and enhance institutional capacity in development programs as part of the USAID Forward Reform Agenda.  
  • Learning, Evaluation and Research: Catalyzes USAID's transformation into an effective learning organization. 
  • Donor Engagement: Facilitates the Agency’s engagement with bilateral and multilateral donors and supports the attainment of international development cooperation policy coherence and advances USAID priorities within the international development community.
Official Photo
Assistant to the Administrator
Patricia Rader
Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator
Official Photo Tony Pipa
Deputy Assistant Administrator

Last updated: May 16, 2013

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