Bureau for the Middle East

USAID operates seven bilateral missions in the Middle East: Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, West Bank/Gaza, and Yemen. USAID also operates regional programs out of the Office of Middle East Programs in Cairo, Egypt, and manages development programs in countries without missions, including Libya and Tunisia.

In Washington, DC, the Bureau for the Middle East has the following offices that support the missions:

  • The Office of the Assistant Administrator directs and supervises all activities of the Bureau and its overseas operations.
  • The Office of Middle East Affairs supports programs in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia, West Bank/Gaza and the Middle East Regional Cooperation Program.
  • The Office of Iraq and Arabian Peninsula Affairs supports programs in Iraq and the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, including Yemen.
  • The Office of Strategic Planning Operations provides leadership for the Bureau’s strategy development, policy alignment, performance management and evaluation, outreach and communication, and the formulation and execution of Bureau program and operating expense budgets.  
  • The Office of Technical Services provides intellectual, technical and strategic leadership on sectoral policies, priorities, and budgets, through analyses, strategy development, program design, technical assistance, advocacy, and information dissemination. It comprises six divisions: agriculture and food security; democracy and governance; economic growth, education; environment; and health.
  • The Administrative Management Services staff oversee management activities such as personnel management for both Civil Service and Foreign Service, organization management, security, awards, performance management, and all aspects of administrative support. 
Official Photo
Assistant Administrator
Mona Yacoubian
Deputy Assistant Administrator
Mary C. Ott
Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator

Last updated: June 15, 2015

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