Congressional Liaison Division

Through mandated reports and regular briefings of Congressional staff, the Congressional Liaison Division maintains close contact with members of Congress, keeping them informed of USAID development and assistance efforts and obtaining their views on related matters. Congressional Liaison Officers are responsible for facilitating communication between U.S. lawmakers and the Agency, transmitting USAID’s messages in a transparent manner and ensuring that Congress understands the Agency’s objectives abroad. Each Congressional Liaison Officer coordinates with Agency bureaus as well as Congressional committees to communicate the status of USAID’s programs and policies. Additionally, Congressional Liaison Officers assemble materials representing the Agency's position on pertinent issues in preparation for Congressional hearings.

Congressional Liaison Division publications include the USAID Congressional Bulletin as well as Congressional Reports

Staff Assignments

Telephone: 202-712-4300

Areas of Responsibility Legislative Staff E-mail
Assistant Administrator Chuck Cooper
Senior Deputy Assistant Administrator Barbara Feinstein
Special Advisor; Science and Technology, Public-Private Partnerships Ingianni Acosta
Special Assistant (Currently on Detail until March 2015) Kur Kur
Legislative Affairs Office Director; House and Senate Appropriations (HACFO, SACFO); Management; Budget and Resource Management (BRM) Barbara Bennett
Division Chief for Senate Affairs; Africa Youshea Berry
Division Chief for House Affairs; House Committee on Foreign Affairs; GAO Cliff Stammerman
Division Chief for Legislative Reference; Policy, Planning, and Learning Bureau Lee Walter
Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance, Disaster Relief; Food Aid; Agriculture Committees; and American Schools and Hospitals Abroad Alisha English
Bureau for Food Security; Feed the Future; and Senate Foreign Relations Committee Dannie Diego
Afghanistan/Pakistan; Security / Vetting; Armed Services Committees; House Oversight and Government Reform (HOGR); Senate Homeland Security & Government Affairs (HSGAC); Office of Inspector General; Civil-Military Cooperation (CMC) office Josh Albert
Europe and Eurasia; Latin America and the Caribbean; and Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Rob Cooper
Middle East and Asia Casey Redmon
Economic Growth, Climate Change, Trade, Education, Environment, Energy; and Small Business Tim Hurley
Human Resources; Office of Civil Rights & Diversity; Congressional Awards; Congressional Research Service Stan Sienkiewicz
Global Health; Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Angela Catella
Congressional Notifications and Legislative Referral Memorandums Kathy Morris
Congressional Correspondence & Reports; Transcripts; and Questions for the Record Alice Taylor

Last updated: March 03, 2015

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