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  • USAID Recognizes Nine New Partners in Development

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  • USAID Launches Major New Civil Society Grant Opportunity

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  • Youth Need Quality Local Services

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  • USAID Disburses one-time Financial Assistance to Vulnerable Families whose Livelihoods were Destroyed in Recent Floods

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  • USAID’s Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance Responds to the Flood Crisis in Serbia

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  • USAID Signs Agreement Launching New Direct-Funding Program with the Government of Serbia's Office for Cooperation with Civil Society

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USAID Launches major new Civil Society Grant Opportunity
USAID's post-solicitation conference for its newly announced Annual Program Statement
Kampanja za medijsku pismenost - promo film
Kampanja za medijsku pismenost
Jer im se može
Jer im se može

About Serbia

USAID's programs are supporting Serbia's vision to be democratic, prosperous and fully integrated into Euro-Atlantic institutions. USAID is helping Serbia enact reforms for the country to complete its economic and democratic transition into the European Union (EU) and other international institutions.

Our primary areas of focus are economic growth and good governance.

USAID is assisting Serbia to make its governance institutions stronger and, by supporting independent oversight agencies and civil society, it is making government more open and accountable to the people. Our initiatives are encouraging participation by young politicians, minorities and women in Parliament. In addition, USAID is improving the transparency and efficiency of the courts.

USAID is working with selected government counterparts, non-governmental organizations, international donors, and other U.S. agencies to advance economic reforms that will contribute to business growth. It is strengthening the capacity of municipalities to stimulate local economic development. And it is improving the competitiveness of the private sector, especially in economically disadvantaged regions.

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Country Development Cooperation Strategy [PDF, 2MB]

Abbreviated Country Development and Cooperation Strategy

USAID Mission Director to Serbia Azza El-Abd

USAID Mission Highlights 2001-2013

Guidelines for Unsolicted Proposals 

Last updated: August 19, 2015

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