Cross Cutting Areas

Many USAID programs operate with a multiple-disease focus. By linking traditionally separate areas through a "cross-cutting" approach, the Agency can create programs with lasting and greater impact on the outcomes of several diseases.

  • Center for Accelarating Innovation and Impact
    USAID is working to promote and reinforce innovative, business-minded approaches and solutions to accelerate impact against some of the world’s most important health challenges, convening industry experts and academic thought leaders to inform our thinking.
  • Children in Adversity
    USAID is working to coordinate programs to ensure that international assistance to vulnerable children is comprehensive, coordinated, effective, and built on evidence-based good practices.
  • Environmental Health
    Environmental health has significant impacts on multiple health interventions, such as poor air quality, unsafe water, and poor hygiene. A cross cutting approach to environmental health outcomes strengthens our response to these problems.
  • The Global Health Initiative
    A combined effort by the U.S. Government to create a unified approach to disease interventions, GHI represents the way forward for how the United States delivers health care to people who need our help abroad.
  • Promoting Gender Equality through Health
    Gender inequality continues to have a negative impact on many health outcomes. USAID’s half a century of experience has shown that health programs that address gender barriers improve development outcomes overall.
  • Reproductive Health
    USAID advances sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights across the globe. Women and girls everywhere should achieve the freedom to decide for themselves on matters of their own sexuality. They should also have access to health services, so they may enjoy strong, healthy families and live in thriving communities and nations.
  • Research
    USAID is committed to addressing some of the world's most challenging health and development issues through research, introduction and scale-up of evidence-based solutions. Investments in research and development have led to critical breakthroughs in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of deadly global diseases.
  • The Demographic and Health Surveys Program
    For 30 years, USAID has pioneered The Demographic and Health Surveys Program (DHS Program). The DHS Program provides technical assistance for the implementation of more than 300 household and facility-based surveys in more than 90 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America/Caribbean and Eastern Europe.
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Last updated: December 29, 2015

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