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USAID utilizes various acquisition and assistance instruments to implement its activities. Contracts, grants, cooperative agreements and purchase orders are some of the instruments which are negotiated and signed by USAID/West Bank & Gaza.

These instruments provide a variety of commodities and technical assistance to support the attainment of the Mission's objectives in our delivery of goods and services to the Palestinian population of the West Bank & Gaza. Acquisition refers to obtaining goods and services, through various types of contracts, for the use or benefit of the U.S. Government.

Assistance refers to transferring funds (or other valuables) from USAID to another party for the implementation of programs, which will contribute to the public good through the furtherance of the objectives of the Foreign Assistance Act.

In addition to business opportunities, this site provides access to the regulatory and policy information needed for detailed searches to specific questions as well as general information especially helpful to those who are new to working with USAID.

Contractors and Grantees Notices

Here you can find Contractor and Grantee Notices to provide our implementing partners and others with updates and general information regarding changes in policy, security and other directives that are issued by the Contracting Officer or Mission Director.

The Notices below are in PDF format, if you don't have Acrobat Reader installed on your PC, please install it in order to be able to open the files.

List of available Active Contractor and Grantee Notices:

2013-WBG-4 Sequestration Notification 14-Mar-13
2013-WBG-3 Reminder of Compliance Policies and Procedures 25-Jan-13
2013-WBG-2 USAID/West Bank & Gaza New Compliance Review Protocols 7-Dec-12
2013-WBG-1 OFAC Special License No. SDGT-298681-1 - Action Requested 6-Dec-12
2012-WBG-5 USAID/WBG Fiscal Year 2012 Audit Universe of Sub-Awardees Under the Mission's Prime Awards 20-Apr-12
Attachment - Subaward Information Table - Excel document
2012-WBG-4 USAID Regulatory and Policy Changes in Source/Nationality Procurement Requirements (Grantees & Recipients) 22-Mar-12
2012-WBG-3 USAID Regulatory and Policy Changes in Source/Nationality Procurement Requirements (Contractors) 22-Mar-12
2012-WBG-2 Reporting of Sub-Award Information 9-Feb-12
Attachment A - Identification of Sub awardees - Subcontractors/Subgrantees - Excel document
Attachment B - Frequently Asked Questions on the Subaward Report - Word document
Sample Sub Award Form 2012 - Excel document
2012-WBG-1 OFAC Special License No. SDGT-597i - Action Requested 22-Dec-11
2011-WBG-13 Israeli VAT refunds 3-Aug-11
2011-WBG-12 USAID/West Bank & Gaza Regulatory Compliance Review 27-Jul-11
2011-WBG-11 FY 11 Audit Plan for Sub-Awardees funded under USAID/WBG Prime Awards 9-Jun-11
2011-WBG-10 Local Salary Scale for the West Bank and Jerusalem 8-Mar-11
2011-WBG-09 Contract During Mission Retreat , February 28 - March 2, 2011 24-Feb-11
2011-WBG-08 Issuance of Revised "Permits, Visas and Custom Clearance Guidelines" 25-Jan-11
2011-WBG-07 American Employee Data 18-Jan-11
2011-WBG-06 USAID West Bank & Gaza Regulatory Compliance Review 17-Dec-10
2011-WBG-05 Academy for Educational Development (AED) Suspension 17-Dec-10
2011-WBG-04 Reminder - USAID Branding and Marking in Gaza 8-Dec-10
2011-WBG-03 USAID Worldwide Blanket Waiver To Allow Local Procurements in Aggregate Amount of Up To $5 Million Per Instrument 6-Dec-10
2011-WBG-02 OFAC Special license No. SDGT-597h - Action Requested 3-Dec-10
2011-WBG-01 Zero Value Added Tax (VAT) for USAID projects in Gaza 15-Oct-10
2010-WBG-14 Mission Order No 21: Rescinding of Ineligibility Notice 13-Sep-10
2010-WBG-13 Policy and Operational Principles for Partners Operating in Gaza 24-Jun-10
2010-WBG-12 USAID West Bank & Gaza Regulatory Compliance Review 16-Jun-10
2010-WBG-11 Coordination prior to construction in, or the importation of construction materials or equipment into, the West Bank (Areas A, B, and C) 9-Jun-10
2010-WBG-10 Reminder of Compliance Policies and Procedures 9-Jun-10
2010-WBG-09 Reminder - Steps to take when a USAID-funded US-bound Exchange Visitor becomes a 'no-show' or 'non-returnee' 25-May-10
2010-WBG-08 Policy and Operational Principles for Partners Operating in Gaza 3-Feb-10
2010-WBG-07 Mandatory Special Provision "Prohibition Against Cash Assistance to the Palestinian Authority" 7-Jan-10
2010-WBG-06 Change of USAID's Official Mailing Address 30-Dec-09
2010-WBG-05 Mission Order #21: Current Inelligible Organization 8-Dec-09
2010-WBG-04 Audits and Records 2-Dec-09
2010-WBG-03 OFAC Special Lincense No. SDGT-597g 30-Nov-09
2010-WBG-02 New HAC Premium Information 3-Nov-09
2010-WBG-01 Development Experience Clearinghouse (DEC) - Document Submission 8-Oct-09
2009-WBG-12 Coordination with COGAT on erecting structures in the West Bank (Areas A, B and C) and importing materials that could be used in construction, repair and rehabilitation 21-Sep-09
2009-WBG-11 Reporting of Subaward Information 30-Jun-09
Excel Attachment 
PDF Attachment (Updated May 15, 2012)
2009-WBG-10 National Islamic Bank of Gaza 11-Jun-09
2009-WBG-09 Mission Order No. 21 - Rescinding of Notice of Ineligibility 19-Mar-09
2009-WBG-08 Revisions to Cognizant Technical Officer (CTO) Policy 29-Jan-09
2009-WBG-07 90-day Blanket Source, Origin and Nationality Waiver for the Procurement of Comodities and Services Limited to the Mission's Emergency Assistance for Gaza 21-Jan-09
2009-WBG-06 Reminder of revised Mission Order #21 and Special Mandatory Provisions 12-Jan-09
2009-WBG-05 OFAC Special License No. SDGT-597F 2-Jan-09
2009-WBG-04 USAID West Bank and Gaza Security Notice 31-Dec-08
2009-WBG-03 Mission Order #21 - Current Inelligible Organization 18-Dec-08
2009-WBG-02 Mission Order #21 - Current Inelligible Organization 18-Dec-08
2009-WBG-01 Movement Requests from Israel To Gaza October 22,2008
2008-WBG-08 New Permit Guidelines August 19,2008
2008-WBG-07 USAID/West Bank and Gaza Regulatory Standards Compliance Specialist July 18,2008
2008-WBG-06 USAID Issued Permits: New E-mail Account 22-May-08
2008-WBG-05 USAID ID Cards: New E-mail Account 22-May-08
2008-WBG-04 Reporting of Foreign Taxes 21-Feb-08
2008-WBG-02 OFAC Special License No. SDG-597-c 23-Jan-08
2008-WBG-01 Reporting of Sub-Award Information 22-Oct-07
Excel Attachment
2007-WBG-27 Word Documents of the Mission Order #21 Attachments 5-Oct-07
Attachments in Word Format
2007-WBG-26 Updated Anti-Terrorism Procedures, Update to Mission Order #21 5-Oct-07
2007-WBG-25 Zero VAT Determination for USAID Projects in Gaza 14-Aug-07
2007-WBG-22 Prohibition on Direct Assistance to the Palestinian Authority 11-Jul-07
2007-WBG-21 Assistance for the Palestinian Authority 9-Jul-07
2007-WBG-19 Waivers in Aquisition and Assistance under Mission Awards 25-Jun-07
2007-WBG-18 Contact Policy for the Palestinian Authority 21-Jun-07
2006-WBG-17 Contact Policy for the Palestinian Authority 26-Apr-06
2006-WBG-09 Standards for Grant Worthiness and Responsibility Determination for Sub-awards 15-Feb-06
2005-WBG-03 USAID Branding Standards 12-Jan-05
2005-WBG-01 Dealings with Third Parties 1-Dec-04
2004-WBG-04 Registration of Contractors to Obtain 0% VAT Status 1-Nov-03
2004-WBG-03 Security Considerations and Operations under Current Conditions 28-Oct-03
2004-WBG-01 Guidance Regarding Registration for 0% VAT Status 1-Oct-03
2002-WBG-03 Participants Training - Sponsoring Unit Responsibilities and Non-Returnees 4-Jan-02
2002-WBG-01 International Travel Guidance 4-Oct-02


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