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  • USAID's SMGL programs focus on the most vulnerable period for women and their newborns -- labor, delivery and the first 24 hours of postpartum.

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  • Uganda's flower farmers are increasing exports with support from USAID

  • USAID-trained midwives teach pregnant women how to prevent and treat malaria

  • Communities celebrate the end of the LRA conflict in northern Uganda

Behind Every Number there is a Story
Behind Every Number there is a Story
Uganda Mercy Corps
Smallholder Farmers in Uganda Profit by Linking to Markets
A retailer sells vitamin A-rich orange-fleshed sweet potatoes to a buyer at Kalerwe market near Kampala city.
Orange-Fleshed Sweet Potatoes: Improving Lives in Uganda

About Uganda

USAID’s wide-ranging work supports U.S. policy objectives in peace and security, democracy and governance, health and education, economic growth, and humanitarian assistance. We implement three major U.S. presidential initiatives in Uganda: Feed the Future, the Global Health Initiative and the Global Climate Change Initiative.

Last updated: November 09, 2015

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