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U.S. Government, Mercy Corps, and TCell Launch Tajikistan’s First Health Messaging Service
November 2, 2015

Dushanbe, Tajikistan, November 2, 2015 – USAID together with Mercy Corps and Tcell, launched Tajikistan’s first ever health messaging service called “mHealth.” The innovative service uses mobile technology to share important health information with women and their families through text messages, voice recordings, and an information hotline that women can call to ask additional questions related to health and nutrition.

United States Chargé d’Affaires a.i. Leslie Hayden, Tcell CEO Mindaugas Ubartas, First Deputy Minister of Health Lola Bobokhojieva, and Mercy Corps Country Director Ramesh Singh participated in the event. Chargé d’Affaires Hayden noted that this service is an important example of public-private partnership in Tajikistan and emphasized that positive achievements are possible through such partnerships.

USAID Delivers Polio Vaccine to Ministry of Health and Social Protection
July 9, 2015

United States Ambassador Susan M. Elliott, Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection Nasim Olimov , U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Country Director Kathleen McDonald, and UNICEF Resident Representative Lucia Elmi presided over a ceremony to mark the donation of a stock of 900,000 doses of Oral Polio Vaccine to the Ministry of Health and Social Protection at the Republican Center for Immunoprophylaxis.

U. S. Government hands over irrigation machinery to support transboundary water cooperation between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
May 27, 2015

 U.S. Ambassador Susan M. Elliott, Deputy Chairman of the Agency of Irrigation and Amelioration Bakhrom Gaforov, and the Isfara Water Resource Management Department participated in a handover ceremony of irrigation machinery to communities in the Isfara district of Sughd Province. The U.S. government, through USAID’s Fostering Transboundary Cooperation on Small Watersheds in Central Asia project, is helping to build partnerships that foster transboundary cooperation among water management stakeholders in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

U.S. Government Supports Health Care in Tajikistan
May 19, 2015

United States Ambassador Susan M. Elliott and USAID Central Asia Deputy Mission Director David Brown, together with Tajikistan Deputy Minister of Health and Social Protection of the Population (MOHSPP) Navruz Jaffarov, co-chaired a conference devoted to the close out of the USAID Quality Health Care Project. The event highlighted the many impacts of the project, which covered maternal and child health, reproductive health, tuberculosis (TB), and HIV, along with health care reform.

USAID Launches 2015 – 2019 Strategy for Central Asia
February 13, 2015

On February 12, U.S. Ambassador Susan M. Elliott joined USAID’s Regional Mission Director for Central Asia Jonathan Addleton to launch the United States Agency for International Development strategy for Central Asia for 2015 to 2019. Usmonali Usmonzoda, Minister of Energy and Water Resources and Jalil Pirizoda, Head of Department of Agriculture and Land Use also participated in the event, demonstrating the Tajik government’s commitment to working together to achieve the goals outlined in this new five-year commitment to Tajikistan.

USAID launches a new TB Program in Central Asia
February 11, 2015

United States Ambassador Susan M. Elliott and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) hosted the launch of the USAID Tuberculosis (TB) Control Program, a new regional program to improve diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis in Tajikistan. This program is an extension of TB control activities initiated under past USAID projects such as TB CARE I, Quality Health Care Project and the Dialogue on HIV and TB Project.



USAID Tajikistan Calendar 2014

Feed the Future

USAID Feed the Future incorporates water management into agricultural development

Friday, March 22, 2013
USAID Feed the Future incorporates water management into agricultural development


Laws of the Land Raise up Tajik Women Farmers

Monday, June 10, 2013
USAID-backed legal aide to dispossessed women is helping keep them on their land, with cascading benefits on jurisprudence, food security and poverty reduction in the former Soviet Republic.

In Tajikistan, Little Drops Make the River

Thursday, April 13, 2013
In Tajikistan, there is a familiar proverb: “In every drop of water, there is a grain of gold.” Water is the most precious resource in this mountainous, landlocked nation that is slightly smaller than Wisconsin.

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