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Democracy, Human Rights and Governance

USAID strengthens the ability of local organizations to extend much-needed services to communities, advocate for citizen needs and sustain these services long after donor resources are phased out of the country. To help ensure effective program implementation as well as the sustainability of local organizations, USAID provides management support, organizational development, proposal development, financial and project management, and monitoring and evaluation training. USAID also builds the capacity of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka and the national legal aid provider, the Legal Aid Commission, to further the efficacy of the legal system and the administration of justice.

The program provides legal education to judges, lawyers and non-judicial court officials, links universities and civil society organizations to develop and propose policy and legal reforms that respond to citizens’ needs in the current environment, and provides legal remedies to members of society who lack access to such services due to social and economic barriers. 

Last updated: January 12, 2016

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