Latest Vacancies

To view current vacancies at the US Embassy in South Africa, please visit http://americanembassy.pnet.co.za/.

Ongoing USAID Opportunities

USAID is currently hiring American Foreign Service Officers.  For more information on international opportunities for Americans, please visit http://www.usaid.gov/careers/.  If you are interested in a Personal Service Contract (PSC) positions around the world, please visit www.fedbizopps.gov.

Regional Inspector General

The Regional Inspector General (RIG) for Pretoria conducts performance audits of USAID missions and activities implemented by USAID Missions.   Ongoing solicitations, audit firm lists and reference material can be found at http://oig.usaid.gov/content/regional-inspector-general-pretoria.

Funding and Procurement

USAID/Southern Africa publishes information about local procurement opportunities on this internet site and worldwide opportunities on the US Government Points of Entry: www.fbo.gov and www.grants.gov.

As part of the USAID Forward Implementation and Program Reform effort, USAID/Southern Africa encourages qualified Southern African firms to apply for any solicitations.

If you have additional questions related to our funding process, please contact our Office of Acquisition and Assistance at SouthAfricaOAA@usaid.gov.  Also see our information on How to Respond to a Solicitation.

Please check back often as solicitations are posted as they become available.


Click here to view our training e-modules, providing a clear explanation of the types of funding available from USAID, how the funding process works, and potential opportunities. 


Last updated: November 18, 2015

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