Transforming Lives

Every day, all over the world, USAID brings peace to those who endure violence, health to those who struggle with sickness, and prosperity to those who live in poverty. It is these individuals — these uncounted thousands of lives — that are the true measure of USAID’s successes and the true face of USAID's programs.

In 2012, USAID launched the five year, $22.5 million Biodiversity and Watersheds Improved for Stronger Economy and Ecosystem Resilience (B+WISER) Program to help the Philippines conserve biodiversity, manage forests, support low emissions, and contribute to disaster risk reduction in seven protected areas in the country.

Until recently, Hameda* had a computer in her office but couldn’t use it. The head teacher of the Goharshad Begum girls’ school in Herat, western Afghanistan, didn’t know how. When her students told her she could learn for free at the Anaar Multimedia Center, the 36-year-old jumped at the chance.

Amanullah Khanzada was unaware that his Afghan confectionary company needed to improve safety practices until a training program emphasized international hygiene standards.

It was pure chance that Safdar Ali saw a poster advertising multimedia and social media courses that would propel him into taking a more active role in bettering his community.

For 30 years, Suratgar’s press was well-known for its hand-painted billboards and customer service. But by 2013, digital printing had arrived in Mazar-e-Sharif and Suratgar Printing Press’s outdated production processes couldn’t compete. Suratgar knew he had to upgrade, but never had sufficient collateral to secure a bank loan.

Hanan Shah Agha proudly calls himself a full-time motorbike mechanic. It is a marked step up from being unemployed and without prospects, before he graduated from a 78-day vocational training program on motorcycle repair.

 Les communautés de la lointaine localité sénégalaise de Coumbacara et des villages frontaliers avec la Guinée-Bissau ont eu un impact significatif sur les relations intercommunautaires et la libre circulation des personnes et des biens. Des conflits récurrents liés au foncier et aux parcours du bétail ont eu lieu entre éleveurs et agriculteurs, et entre les villages

e mil occupe une place de choix dans le secteur agricole à Paoskoto, dans le département de Nioro au Sénégal. Toutefois, les techniques culturales non-durables pratiquées jusqu’à récemment et la faible qualité des semences ont donné des rendements faibles de l’ordre de 500 à 600 kg/ha

Standing tall in a pink Morogoro Nursing College uniform, it is hard to believe that Laudekia Nyamanda was ever one of these girls. Her current status is even more improbable because, by the age of 15, she was a single mother, cast out by her family due to the stigma of teenage pregnancy. With an infant, scraps of an education and no community support, Nyamanda’s future promised poverty, not nursing college.


Last updated: May 27, 2015