Transforming Lives

Every day, all over the world, USAID brings peace to those who endure violence, health to those who struggle with sickness, and prosperity to those who live in poverty. It is these individuals — these uncounted thousands of lives — that are the true measure of USAID’s successes and the true face of USAID's programs.

When 21-year-old Mokhtar Muhibi of Kabul began work as an unskilled plumber in 2010, the married father of two was scraping by on about $200 a month. He needed to improve his skills to support his family, which includes a younger brother still in school as well as his unemployed mother and father.

Two main canals provide irrigation water for 21 villages in Dahana subdistrict, a rural municipality in Kulob in southern Tajikistan. For years, farmers could not reliably access water from the canal, and the government water authority lacked capacity and resources to improve the system.

As a shareholder of Bakhtiyor-1 Farm in Khatlon province, Tajikistan, Abdurakhmon Safarov worked his farm for many years. But due to dwindling profits, Safarov traveled to Russia to earn money and better provide for his family.

История Гульназ Байтуровой, владелицы компании по пошиву одежды, похожа на истории сотни других женщин, которые ведут свой бизнес методом проб и ошибок и не могут развиваться из-за отсутствия знаний.

Before the Sail Food Co. started to produce and sell Afghanistan’s favorite puffed potato snack, kurkure, in 2010, the snack was imported from Pakistan. But the company’s owner, Sherin Jan, knew there was potential for growth and expansion to other products.

When Mohammad Saber and Mohammad Asif started Zarnegar, a printing press in Mazari Sharif, it was boom time in the capital of northern Afghanistan’s Balkh province. It was 1999 and Mazari Sharif was rapidly becoming one of Afghanistan’s more important economic hubs. Posters and billboards dotted the city, proof of a flourishing advertising industry.

Тысячи мелких фермеров Ноокатского района сталкиваются одной и той же проблемой каждый год - яблок много, а хорошую цену за них не предлагают. Многим мелким фермерам приходится продавать по низким ценам, потому что им негде хранить и они не знают как обращаться с урожаем. При поддержке USAID они научились правильным технологиям хранения и послеуборочной обработки урожая, что помогло повысить доходы и разнообразие на рынке.

Banorët e Kufcës së Epërme, fshatit më të madh në Komunën e Novobërdës, tani mund të shohin nëpër errësirë. Me instalimin e ndriçimit të ri rrugor me dioda ndriçuese LED – projekt ky i përbashkët i USAID-it dhe komunës – 2000 banorët e fshatit tani mund të udhëtojnë natën shumë më të sigurtë. 

Meštani Gornjeg Kusca, najvećeg sela u opštini Novo Brdo na Kosovu, sada mogu da vide i po mraku. Ugradnjom ulične rasvete sa LED svetlećim diodama – zajednički projekat opštine i USAID-a – 2000 seoskih meštana sada mogu putovati noću mnogo bezbednije. 


Last updated: November 09, 2015