Empowering the Young Women of Jenin

Young Palestinian women play football at Jenin Young Women's Club
Young Palestinian women at football practice at Jenin Young Women's Club
Jenin Young Women’s Club provides young women with opportunities for personal development and growth

Jenin Young Women’s Club (JYWC) is providing new opportunities of growth and personal development for girls and young women of Jenin through a safe and enriching environment for extra-curricular activities. A $76,610 grant from USAID's Civic Engagement Program helped the club acquire better equipment and resources including the first gym for women and a computer lab which is now being used to teach the club’s members new computer science skills.

Most notably, the grant funded the creation of the club’s all women football team, still not a common phenomenon in the Northern West Bank. This ambitious group of young women now participates in the Palestinian Women’s Football League and is supported by the Palestinian Football Federation. To enhance the professional human resources of the women’s football team, the program supported a professional coach and supplied the team with uniforms and sports equipment. The thirty young women registered in the program far exceed the coach’s expectations. The community’s response to the improved women’s club was also overwhelmingly positive and has since generated a lot of support for the athletic program, raising hopes for more engaging activities for young women in Jenin.

Participation in the program has raised the spirits of the young female athletes. They are always excited and eager to attend their training sessions, held three days a week at one of the local school yards in Jenin. With USAID's support, young women also got their own gym, and they now have a place to call their own.

Last updated: July 07, 2014

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