Political Transition Initiatives

  • Gathering Malian Perspectives: Mali falls in the bottom 12 countries for lowest percent of people with internet access but cell phone rates are over 70%

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  • The Mali Transition Initiatve was launched to help support Mali's transition to democracy and long-term develpment

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  • The Tunisia Transition Initiative serves to foster Tunisian ownership of emerging political processes and build the foundation for civic engagement in democratic life

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  • In Burma, the Kann Let program was launched to increase participation and inclusion in the reform and peace process

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Liliya Galianina, head of the Chervona Gvozdyka Youth Club
Ukrainian Youth Clubs Connect Families Displaced by Conflict
Керівник клубу «Червона гвоздика» Лілія Галяніна
Дитячі клуби допомагають налагодити зв’язки між родинами вимушених переселенців
Promoting women’s involvement in the democratic process
Message to Côte d'Ivoire's Women: Get Out the Vote

Bureau for Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance

In support of US foreign policy, the Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI) seizes emerging windows of opportunity in the political landscape to promote stability, peace, and democracy by catalyzing local initiatives through adaptive and agile programming. OTI has laid the foundation for long-term development in over 60 engagements in conflict-prone countries by promoting reconciliation, jumpstarting local economies, supporting emerging independent media, and fostering peace and democracy through innovative programming.

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For more information on the Office of Transition Initiatives, email DCHA.OTIOutreachMailList@usaid.gov

For media inquiries, please contact the Bureau of Legislative and Public Affairs at 202-712-4320 or usaidpressofficers@usaid.gov.

Last updated: February 03, 2016

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