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March 25, 2014

Nicaragua faces significant development challenges as a result of democratic backsliding, persistent poverty, and growing insecurity.  The international community viewed the 2008 municipal elections, the 2011 Presidential elections, and more recently the 2012 municipal elections as flawed, which in part led to half of all bilateral donors to depart or reduce the scope or scale of their programs. However, remaining donors will continue to try to improve the country’s development.  USAID will increase the ability of the Nicaraguan citizenry to engage in democratic governance. Citizens who have the necessary tools, information, and skills will be better able to engage in governance, demand accountability, and affect positive, democratic solutions.

One hundred and twenty-five youth graduated from USAID's Support to Technical Degrees
April 3, 2013
One hundred and twenty-five youth graduated with technical degrees in industrial equipment maintenance and business (marketing and administration) with the support of USAID’s Enterprise and Employment Project, in conjunction with the Victoria Foundation.  Eighty-five of the graduates had received scholarships from the Enterprise and Employment project. 
Youth benefitted by USAID's Education for Success Program participate in a handover of school supplies
February 19, 2013

USAID/Nicaragua’s Mission Director Arthur W. Brown and the Director of Fundación para la Autonomía y el Desarrollo de la Costa Atlántica de Nicaragua (FADCANIC), Ray Hooker, participated in an event to mark the expansion of USAID’s Education for Success Project.

Graduates of the CISCO Entrepreneurship Institute
January 16, 2013

Ninety-four entrepreneurs and small business owners acquired improved financial and strategy tools to broaden the profitability of their new or existing businesses. The graduates finished the courses “Create Your Business” and “Business Growth” provided by the CISCO Entrepreneurship Institute in Nicaragua-Thomas More University, in alliance with USAID’s Enterprise and Employment program.

October 4, 2012

The municipality of Pearl Lagoon served as the backdrop for the signing of two sub-grants under USAID’s Conservation and Sustainable Tourism Program (CSTP), implemented by FHI 360.  The sub-grants will finance the implementation of projects related to water and sanitation and bio-diversity conservation activities in Bluefields and Pearl Lagoon.

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