FACT SHEET: Solar Energy as the Future of Sustainable Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project Snapshot
Total Funding:  $1.2 million*
Start Date:  July 2011
End Date:  July 2016
Implementing Partner:  Partner Microcredit Foundation
  *Co-sponsored by the Partner Microcredit Foundation in the amount of $228,150. 
The Challenge
Leaders of EU member countries signed a binding EU Directive in 2009 to source 20% of their energy needs from renewables -- such as biomass, hydro, wind, and solar power -- by 2020.  BiH is not bound by this directive, but it is seeking candidacy for EU accession -- and it is far from meeting this target.  Developing a market for solar energy technology will help BiH diversify its energy supply, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and stimulate employment and economic growth, while supporting the country on its path to Euro-Atlantic integration.
Our Program
USAID's project, Solar Energy as the Future of Sustainable Development, brings together producers and users of solar energy collectors in BiH. The program provides 20 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with access to finance and technical assistance to develop sustainable production of solar collectors. The program will ultimately help up to 200 potential buyers access financing to purchase solar energy systems and provide technical services for installation. A countrywide public education campaign will promote the benefits of using and manufacturing solar energy technology.
Implementation and Results
To determine local supply and demand for solar collectors, the project conducted market research through some 4,000 interviews with households and 200 interviews with SMEs, as potential users of solar collectors, and, separately, 100 interviews with SMEs as potential manufacturers.  Based on the findings, the project is developing a value chain between producers and users of solar collectors throughout the country. 

Last updated: March 31, 2014

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