Effective Rule of Law Program

The Effective Rule of Law (EROL) Program builds upon USAID’s 15 years of working with Kosovo’s justice sector. The program continues USAID’s legacy of close cooperation with Kosovo’s justice institutions, advising its administrative councils on organizational improvements, drafting and amending new regulations, reducing court case backlog, and strengthening work flow processes. EROL outreach has kept the public informed on justice institutions’ activities, including EROL’s court refurbishments throughout Kosovo.

Core Interventions

  • Work with the Kosovo Judicial Council (KJC) to strengthen administrative operations, reduce courts’ backlog, and assist with drafting regulations.
  • Support Kosovo Prosecutorial Council (KPC) with regulations review and public outreach through established communications guidelines and a new web portal.
  • Assist the Kosovo Judicial Institution (KJI) with developing sustainable educational programs for judges and prosecutors.
  • Work with the Ministry of Justice and Office of the President to improve legislative and regulatory drafting and review.
  • Build the capacity of Constitutional Court staff in researching and writing decisions, revising court rules of procedure.
  • Implement the Model Courts Program, refurbishing nearly every court in Kosovo in partnership with the Norwegian government.

Results to date:

  • KJC
    • Drafted and approved its first strategic plan since 2007, providing the courts a roadmap to improve the work and independence of the judiciary;
    • Transitioned the judiciary to a new organizational structure;
    • Implemented a backlog reduction strategy, including a case tracking database to register all current and pending court cases. To date, over 20,000 cases have been reviewed by the 3 EROL teams and over 5,000 cases have been closed.
  • KPC strategic plan drafted and web portal launched providing public with current information about prosecutorial offices.
  • Nine legal education courses designed and delivered in cooperation with KJI, and comprehensive database developed for internal and external customers.
  • Constitutional Court’s rules of procedure substantially revised, and a searchable decision database developed and launched.
  • Training for all KJC, KPC, and court Public Information Officers.
  • 18 courts refurbished in compliance with international standards, significantly increasing court staff efficiency, public accessibility, and accommodation for persons with disabilities.


Project Duration:                 March 2011 – September 2015

USAID Contact:                   Randall Olson 

Implementing Partner:        Checchi & Co 

Last updated: July 23, 2015

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