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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

USAID Assistant Administrator Paige Alexander and Acting Assistant Administrator Thomas H. Staal will travel to the 2016 Supporting Syria and the Region Conference that will be held in London on February 4. Assistant Administrator Alexander and Acting Assistant Administrator Staal will join the U.S. delegation to the conference led by Secretary of State John Kerry.

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University students in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are building a database on land ownership, hoping it will lead to a more peaceful future. The initiative’s 23-year-old project manager describes the struggle for clarity on land rights in a region where conflict and its causes are anything...

New evidence reveals the health and economic benefits of breastfeeding. At USAID, breastfeeding is an important component of our work to promote adequate nutrition among some of the world’s most vulnerable women and children and is considered a high-impact health intervention.

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