USAID, WHO donate 1,000 insulated vaccine carriers to Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

One of the insulated vaccine carriers on display
1,000 'cold boxes' handed over

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

In a small ceremony held on the JFK Hospital grounds in Monrovia on August 15th, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare took posession of some much needed equipment.

1,000 insulated vaccine carriers were handedover to Ministry representatives by Dr. Nestor Ndayimirije, Country Director for the World Health Organization, and Kimberly Rosen, Deputy Mission Director, USAID Liberia.

The insulated vaccine carriers, also known as 'cold boxes', are an integral part of the cold chain storage of vaccines, thereby rendering them safe for use, and are a vital to the Government of Liberia's immunization plans. 

At the time of the handover plans to distribute the vaccine carriers had already been drawn up, with a majority of the cold boxes being distributed directly to healh facilities in all fifteen Liberian counties. A small portion of the cold boxes will also be put in Ministry of Health storage facilities for later distribution.

During her remarks on behalf of USAID, Ms. Rosen pointed to the cost effective nature of immunization among health interventions and immunization's status as a key entry point for the delivery of other essential health interventions as reasons why USAID was so firmly behind supporting the Government of Liberia's immunization efforts.

"However, we share everyone's concern that this improved program has not yet translated to a considerable increase in coverage" added Ms. Rosen, stating that "a lot more remains to be done."

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