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American Indonesian Health Science Technology
American and Indonesian researchers work together at the Medan Provincial food and drug agency. The USAID PEER-Health is a global partnership that connects USAID-funded scientists with researchers funded by the National Institute of Health in the United S

Many of USAID programs in Indonesia support the transfer of scientific knowledge and technologies. These efforts provide a catalyst for Indonesia to move forward on the nation’s development continuum.

Our portfolio ranges from the establishment of accredited medical laboratories for detecting multi-drug resistant TB to the introduction of an electronic Citizen Information Service, which uses Internet and mobile phone technology to improve local government responsiveness.

If we agree that a good basic education system is critical to a country’s future scientific and technological advancement, then perhaps USAID’s most critical work is being done in the area of education. Programs in enhancing basic education and providing solid teacher training are laying the groundwork for development of a solid core of future Indonesian scientists and researchers.

Last updated: November 13, 2015

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