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In Gebang subdistrict in North Sumatra, a petitioner smiles after receiving court order from a mobile court in the remote area. USAID supports an initiatives to reach out to those who have difficulty traveling to court.
Ruth Panjaitan/USAID C4J

Indonesia is a regional and global leader, having experienced a remarkable democratic transformation over the last two decades.  Yet, consolidation of democracy is still a work in progress as state institutions struggle to control endemic corruption, improve management of public services, and protect citizen rights.  The Government of Indonesia (GOI) prioritizes the strengthening of democratic institutions and the United States strongly supports these efforts.  On behalf of the American people, USAID improves lives and accelerates progress in Indonesia and around the world.

Through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the United States partners with Indonesia to support the strengthening of democratic governance which in turn promotes prosperity and stability in Indonesia and the region.  USAID collaborates with the GOI on anti-corruption, strengthening the rule of law, promoting local governance, ensuring effective representation, and promoting better management of public services such as education and health care.  We support Indonesia’s efforts to advance an inclusive democracy and an active role for civil society.  USAID takes a special interest in sustainable development in Eastern Indonesia, including the provinces of Papua, West Papua, Maluku and North Maluku.  


Improving a Culture of Accountability 

Good governance and accountability are key priorities for the GOI and local governments, and the cornerstone of combatting corruption and strengthening the rule of law.  USAID works within the justice sector to sustain and deepen reforms and produce a more accountable and higher performing justice system, responsive to citizens’ needs.  Our programs further strengthen the technical skills of Indonesia’s justice sector professionals by supporting training and legal education.  At the same time, USAID is promoting good governance by supporting the GOI’s national transparency and accountability efforts.

Enhancing Civic Participation

In a vibrant democracy, civil society organizations (CSOs) advocate for the interests of their communities and hold elected officials accountable to the citizens they represent.  More than a decade after rapid decentralization of government to local authorities, corruption has also decentralized.  Our projects support citizen-based groups to combat waste, fraud, and abuse of public funds.  USAID provides Indonesian CSOs with tools and specialized training to monitor, analyze, and report on quality of public services across sectors including governance, citizen rights, science and technology, education, health, and the environment.  By working with CSOs, USAID also promotes inclusiveness and effectiveness of groups, networks, and institutions that express diverse views, interests, and aspirations to government.

Promoting Protection of Citizen Rights

There are still many barriers for citizens to realize their rights under the law.  USAID supports the rights of all citizens through implementation of good laws, reliable enforcement, and predictable access to justice for all people and strengthening the capacity of citizens to advocate for their rights.  USAID works with human rights defenders including individuals, CSOs, and institutions and empowers governmental and non-governmental actors to eliminate cycles of violence against marginalized citizens, minorities, and women.  Promoting equal access to justice for marginalized citizens, USAID also improves the transparency of district level courts.

Enhancing Sustainable Development in Eastern Indonesia

USAID has many existing programs and a long history of engagement and relationships in Eastern Indonesia.  We work with local governments and civil society groups to improve inclusion and participation of citizens in the democratic process and augment the capacity to protect vulnerable citizens who may not have adequate access to justice through training and capacity building of governments and CSOs.  USAID improves the quality of public services through support for strengthened governance in public health and education; our projects enhance local skills in executive management and leadership, and assists local CSOs to advocate for quality services.  USAID also partners with district governments to conserve biodiversity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through strengthened local governance and improved forest management.  We enhance civic participation efforts that bring communities and the government together to reduce social and political tensions, helping the nation realize its ambition to be a world leader in democracy.  

Last updated: November 19, 2015

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