Flag of Honduras


October 6, 2015

Honduras’ fragile democracy is increasingly threatened by alarming levels of crime and violence, high levels of poverty and food insecurity, and generally weak governance. These threats to citizen security and economic development are so severe that the Government of Honduras (GOH) has requested outside assistance to address them. Failure to adequately counter these threats directly impacts U.S. security and other national interests. The USAID/Honduras Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) goal is a more prosperous and safer Honduras that advances inclusive social and economic development among vulnerable populations. USAID /Honduras’ emphasis extends to the social and economic development of vulnerable populations, those most at risk of crime and violence and those living below the poverty line, within Honduras to ensure that the economic trajectory of the country is not only upward but also equitable, inclusive, and sustainable. In order to achieve the CDCS goal, USAID will work towards two Development Objectives (DOs):


Last updated: October 06, 2015

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