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Haitian voters go to the polls.
Haitian voters go to the polls.
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To achieve long-term stability and economic growth, Haiti needs strong governmental institutions that deliver quality public services to citizens, are transparent and accountable, administer justice efficiently and in conformity with the Haitian Constitution, provide security to the Haitian people and protect the most vulnerable. The U.S. Government is committed to supporting a responsive, just, and effective government in Haiti that can promote economic and democratic development.

While Haiti's growing democratic foundation is reason for optimism when compared with its authoritarian past, chronically weak institutions and instances of political deadlock present significant challenges to governance and rule of law. Compounding this was the 2010 earthquake, which killed an estimated 18 percent of Haiti's civil service and destroyed much of the government's physical infrastructure, including the National Palace, police headquarters, many courts, and all but one of 29 government ministry buildings. These complex challenges hinder key legislative and policy reforms and slow development efforts. To help move Haiti forward, USAID activities focus on the following priorities: capacity building for the Government of Haiti; improving access to justice and legal assistance; strengthening the security sector; and, protecting human rights and vulnerable populations.

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Last updated: August 26, 2015

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