Annual Evaluation Form - AEF99

The purpose of this electronic form is to provide the options available for performing an evaluation for Foreign and/or Civil Service Employees within USAID. To do this the electronic form offers hyperlinks which, when pushed, will lead the user to the specified form for the corresponding evaluation choice (e.g. Annual Evaluation, Employee Statement, etc.).

Using Word 97, the EEP98 electronic form enables the user to complete the form that make up an evaluation package for civil and foreign service employees. Each form has its own User Guide, and these guides may be accessed by the appropriate hyperlink.

Main User Guide

Form No. Title or Description
a400-2V2 Employee Statement
aef99employug Employee Statement - User Guide
a400-3V2 Specific Skills Area
aef99skillug Specific Skills Area - User Guide
aid400-1(99) Annual Evaluation Form
aef99ug Annual Evaluation Form - User Guide
aemain99 Employee Evaluation Package - Main Menu


Last updated: August 28, 2013

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