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Form No. Title or Description
Issuance of a Passport to a Minor under Age 16
OMB83-I Paperwork Reduction Act Submission
AID 11 Application for Approval of Commodity Eligibility
a1380-1 Participant/Exchange Visitor Biographical Data
a1380-5 Dependent Certification
a1380-69 Academic Enrollment and Term Report
a1381-7 Conditions of Sponsorship for Third Country Training
a1382-1 Medical History and Examination for Foreign Applicants
AID 1420-17 Contractor Employee Biographical Data Sheet
a1420-40 (pdf) Contractor's Release and/or Assignment of Refunds, Rebates, Credits
a1420-64 I.Q.C. Work Order
a1440-3 Contractor's Certificate & Agreement with USAID Contractor's Abstract
a1450-4 Supplier's Certificate & Agreement with USAID for Project Commodities
a1558-1 (pdf) Finance Status Report
a1558-1a-1 (pdf) Supplement to the Finance Status Report
a1558-2 (pdf) Request for Advance or Reimbursement
a2-5 Participating Agency Certification of Candidate's Security Clearance
AID 200-1 PVO Classification Form
AID 252-1 Conditions of Sponsorship for U.S.-Based Activities
AID 282 Invoice and Contract Abstract
a3-198 Report Approval Application
a3-1v2 Forms Approval Request
a3-252 USAID Directives System - Issuance Request
a302-3 Offeror Information for Personal Services Contracts
AID 321-1 (pdf,282kb) Mentor-Protégé Program Application
a330-7 Facsimile Transmittal Cover Sheet
AD-349 (pdf) Employee Address
a4-483 Request for Employment of Consultant or Expert
a400-1B Appraisal Input Form
a400-4v2 Family and Medical Leave Application
a400-6 Work Schedule Request
a400-23 Tuition Assistance Program Application Form
AID 450-1 Emergency Locator Information
a400-24 Tuition Assistance Program Reimbursement Agreement
AID 437-1 Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Assignment Agreement
AID 461-1 AEF Foreign Service Form (Control+B for Spell-Check)
AID 461 (pdf) AEF Foreign Service Instructions (ADS Chapter 461)
AID 461-2 AEF Employee Statement Foreign Service
Aid 461-3 AEF Foreign Service Skills Feedback Worksheet
Aid 461-4 (pdf) AEF Foreign Service Skills Matrix
Aid 461-5 AEF Senior Foreign Service Skills Model
Aid 462-1 Annual Evaluation Form - Civil Service
Aid 462-2 AEF Civil Service Feedback Worksheet
Aid 462-3 AEF Civil Service Employee Statement
Aid 462-4 Appraisal Input Form for Non-Supervisory Staff – Civil Service
Aid 462-5 Appraisal Input Form for Supervisory Staff – Civil Service
a476-1 Checklist for Employees Called to Active Duty
a476-2 Checklist for Employees Returning from Active Duty
a476-3 Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Program Election Form: Extension of Coverage When Called to Active Duty
Online Form PVO Initial registration form
AID 515-1 Application for Transit Benefit - Ronald Reagan Building (RRB) Employees
a5-18 Printing or Distribution Request
a5-197 Motor Vehicle Report
a5-236 Unsatisfactory Equipment Report
a5-238 Part Slip and Work Required
a5-255 Diplomatic or Official Passport Request
a5-52 Express Mail and Courier Services Request
a5-8 Request and Authorization for Official Travel
a5-84 (pdf) Inventory of Emergency Operating Records
a5-84a.continuation (pdf) Inventory of Emergency Operating Records Continuation Page
a5-85v2 Transmittal of Vital Records for Safe Storage
a5-86 (pdf) Inventory of Rights and Interest Records
a5-86a.continuation (pdf) Inventory of Rights and Interest Records Continuation Page
a5-86v2 Inventory of Rights and Interest Records
a500-3v2 Security Investigation and Clearance Record
AID 500-4 Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1970, As Amended
AID 500-5 Notice Required by the Privacy Act of 1974
AID 500-6 Dual Citizenship Questionnaire
a502-1 Description of Electronic Records
AID 508-2 Privacy Request Form
a515-1 Application for Transit Benefit
a519-1 (pdf) Freight Delivery Request
a519-1 Freight Delivery Request
a520-2 Records Inventory & Disposition Plan
a520-2 (pdf) Records Inventory & Disposition Plan
a520-2a.continuation (pdf) Records Inventory & Disposition Plan
a529-1 Notification of Potential Hazard
a530-3 Credit Card Purchases Transactions
AID 545-8 Information Systems Security Officer (ISSO) / Alternate Information Systems Security Officer (AISSO) Designation
AID 545-9 USAID Information System Owner Letter of Acknowledgement
a6-1 Request for Security Action
AID 610-14 Authority for Release of Information
a6-85 Foreign Activity Data
a6-85a Foreign Activity Data - Continuation Page
a7-128 Notice of Collection/Adjustment
a7-7 Miscellaneous Obligations Document
a760-44 Voluntary Leave Transfer program (Leave Recipient Application)
a760-45 Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (Leave Donor Application)
a760-46 Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (Transactions)
a760-47 Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (Manual Log)
a810-2 Freedom of Information Action Control Record
Cn Activity Data Sheet
DS-174 Application for Employment as a Locally-Employed Staff or Family Member
D-4 (pdf) District of Columbia Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate
gcds Assistance Data Sheet
gsa3542 Customer Supply Center Order
Iads Interagency Agreement Data Sheet
I-9 (pdf) Employment Eligibility Verification Form
Intrain In-house Training Memorandum
Jf-50 Foreign Service of the U.S. Work Plan and Performance Evaluation
maardrev Modified Acquisition and Assistance Request Document
MW-507 (pdf) Employee’s Maryland Withholding Exemption Certificate
of-1017g Journal Voucher
of-11 Reference Request - Federal Records Center
of-127 Receiving and Inspection Report
of-306 (pdf) Declaration for Federal Employment
of-347 Order for Supplies or Services
of-41 Routing and Transmittal Slip
of-612 Optional Form for Federal Employment
of-8 Position Description
OMB 1890-0014 Survey on Ensuring Equal Opportunity for Applicants
OMB 0412-0576 Security Firm Survey
OMB 0412-0578 Employment Verification Questionnaire
sf-1 Printing and Binding Requisition
sf-1034 Public Voucher for Purchases and Services Other Than Personal
sf-115 Request for Records Disposition Authority
SF-1152 (pdf) Unpaid Compensation Beneficiary Form
sf-1164 Claim for Reimbursement for Expenditures on Official Business
sf-120 Report of Excess Personal Property
sf-135 Records Transmittal and Receipt
SF 144 (pdf) Statement of Prior Federal Service
SF-181 (pdf) Race & National Origin Identification
sf-182 Request Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training
SF-256 (pdf) Self Identification of Handicap
sf-258v2 Agreement to Transfer Records to the National Archives
SF-2808 (pdf) Designation of Beneficiary
SF-2809 (pdf) FEHB Election Form
SF-2817 (pdf) FEGLI Election
SF-2823 (pdf) FEGLI Designation of Beneficiary
sf-30 Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract
SF-3102 (pdf) FERS Designation of Beneficiary
sf-424 (pdf) Application for Federal Assistance
SF-50 (pdf) Notification of Personnel Action
SF-52 (pdf) Request for Personal Action
SF-61 (pdf) Appointment Affidavits
SF-61B (pdf) Declaration of Appointee
Sf82 Agency Report of Motor Vehicle Data
SF-LLL (pdf) Disclosure of Lobbying Activities
tn Technical Notification
TSP-1 (pdf) Only New Federal Government Employees
TSP-3 (pdf) Designation of Beneficiary
TSP Booklet (pdf) TSP Booklet
VA-4 (pdf) Virginia Personal Exemption Worksheet
W-4 (pdf) Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate
Direct Deposit Form (pdf) Fast Start Direct Deposit Form
Educational Update Form (pdf) Educational Update Form
civil_service_checklist (pdf) Civil Service Checklist
Uniform Service Component (pdf) Uniform Service Component


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