Maintaining the Partnership with U.S. Farmers

The innovation and expertise of American farmers will continue to play a critical role in ending hunger and extreme poverty.

Title II Food Distribution in South Sudan
Catholic Relief Services

The President's proposal maintains the majority of U.S. funds for the purchase, transport, and related costs of American commodities.

That means the U.S. will keep working with farmers and processors across America who help feed hungry children from Bangladesh to the Sahel.

American Farmers are vital to transforming the food aid basket:

  • Ready to use therapeutic foods
  • Better fortification of blended foods
  • Improved micronutrient reformulation for milled grains and vegetable oil
  • Emergency food bars and paste

Food aid procurements are dwarfed by much larger overall commercial agriculture sales.

U.S. Agricultural Trends 2002-2012

The Strength of U.S. Agriculture

Woman with vegetable oil

Since 1954, when the Food for Peace Act was authorized, U.S. agriculture has transformed, and for over three decades, agriculture been the second most productive sector of the American economy.

Global demand for food is up, and growing; by 2050, rising populations and more middle class consumers mean agricultural production will have to increase by 60% to meet expected demand.

We are no longer in an era of surpluses.

Fiscal 2014 agricultural exports are forecast at a record $142.6 billion, $2.6 billion above final fiscal 2013 exports. Fiscal years 2010-2013 represent the strongest four years in history for agricultural trade, with U.S. agricultural product exports exceeding $522 billion over these four years.

Net farm income today is at near record levels while debt has been cut in half since the 1980s. 

FY 2002-FY 2012 Agricultural Exports vs. USAID Food Aid Exports
FY 2012 Net Farm Income vs. USAID Food Aid Commodity Exports

Food Aid in Context

From 2002-2011, the FFP program procured less than 1% of food that was exported from the United States.

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Last updated: March 05, 2014

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