Information Technology Strategic Plan (ITSP) FY2011-2015

Transition is a common theme right now in the Office of the Chief Information Officer (M/CIO). We have successfully transitioned to a new email system with a potential savings of $500K annually. We have transitioned from 11 data centers to 9, streamlining the oversight of our infrastructure. The approach to strategic planning will be in transition to accommodate a new annual planning tool from Bureau for Management (M), the Results Framework. Finally, M/CIO is transitioning to new leadership as our previous CIO has moved on to the Department of State. I am proud of what this office has accomplished during the past year, especially as budget restrictions forced us to “do more with less.”

For FY2014, 12 more of the 76 Target Architecture Projects in the Enterprise Transition Roadmap are funded. These projects will improve our infrastructure and enterprise service delivery, helping us to achieve the results planned in this year’s Results Framework. Specific plans this year include:

  • Update IT procurement policies. Procurement at USAID is governed by the 300 series in the Automated Directives System (ADS), while IT procurement has a standalone policy in ADS 546. Integrating these policies is crucial to avoiding duplicative solutions or noncompliant products.
  • Mature and expand access to mobile and cloud-based services. Our users are offered an increasing number of mobile or cloud-based services, but vendor options and governing regulations are increasing as well. Efforts to formalize decision support will assure that our IT Service Catalog provides options that can be efficiently and securely delivered to our mission users world-wide.
  • Improve overall IT security. All information and infrastructure is subject to OMB and federal mandates for security. While we mature the security of mobile and cloudbased services, we will also mature the monitoring and response capabilities to protect sensitive information while supporting open data initiatives.
  • Transform IT strategic planning. During this year of transition, M/CIO will need to accommodate the vision of a new CIO, the monitoring requirements of M Bureau, and increasing demands from users. IT strategic planning is the tool by which M/CIO will manage these changes while maintaining a line of sight from plans to service delivery—all with a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Last year we acknowledged that this was an exciting, challenging time for USAID and M/CIO. That continues to be the case as we prepare to move last year’s ideas into this year’s reality. The nature of USAID demands that M/CIO continue to quickly adopt new solutions as we deliver global IT services. Through this year of transition, we remain committed to helping USAID “partner to end extreme poverty and to promote resilient, democratic societies while advancing our security and prosperity.”

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Last updated: February 10, 2016

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