Climate Adaptation Fact Sheet: Adaptation Partnership

USAID Supports Climate Change Adaptation Through Knowledge Exchange, Collaboration, and Implementation

USAID was a key supporter of the Adaptation Partnership, a global coalition founded in 2010 in response to a recognized need for development practitioners to share information and lessons learned about climate change adaptation. Chaired by the governments of the United States, Costa Rica and Spain, the Partnership engaged governments, institutions, practitioners, and planners from over 50 developed and developing countries, and served as a catalyst for increasing resilience to climate change throughout the world (

The Partnership was created with the view that it would fill a gap until negotiations about adaptation institutions under the UNFCCC were finalized; with the Adaptation Committee in place, the Partnership formally came to an end in late 2012. USAID continues to support the communities of practice that emerged from the Partnership. In addition, the results and lessons from the Partnership are being shared with the Adaptation Committee and projects being implemented under the UNFCCC, such as the Nairobi Work Program.

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Last updated: May 29, 2015