Marking Requirements for Assistance Awards

On August 26, 2005, the Federal Register published the Final Rule titled, "Administration of Assistance Awards to U.S. Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs); Marking Requirements." (download PDF) Effective January 2, 2006, the federal regulation officially requires all programs, projects, activities, public communications, and commodities to be "marked," or to visible bear, the USAID Standard Graphic Identity (pictured below) that clearly communicates our aid is, "From the American people."

This Assistance web page contains:

A series of files with the USAID Identity, which is to be used to "mark" program or project deliverables, and a listing of vendors who stock a supply of press sensitive and vinyl labels are also listed to the right in the resources section.

Please feel free to contact the USAID Branding Champions at with questions. Questions about the marking rule can be emailed to John Niemeyer in our General Counsel's Office at Please copy your USAID CTO on all correspondence.

The Standard Graphic Identity is an official U.S. Government symbol, and any alteration, distortion, recreation, translation or misuse is strictly prohibited. A number of digital file formats are available for download for web and print purposes.

Last updated: January 08, 2014

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