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USAID-supported Mothers’ Associations speak out to keep girls in school
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Over the past several years, Benin has taken significant steps toward improving primary education. USAID focuses on training teachers, increasing girls' enrollment and completion of primary school, and promoting greater community involvement in education. Since 2004, USAID has provided scholarships and mentoring to more than 6,000 girls and 1,200 boys who would otherwise be unable to continue their education.

Global Health

Our work has helped improve the health of the people of Benin, including eradicating guinea worm and pioneering community-based primary health care. Since 2008, through the President’s Malaria Initiative, USAID has sprayed homes for mosquitoes, distributed over 3 million bed nets, and provided more than 3 million young children and 1.5 million pregnant women with medicines to treat or prevent malaria.

Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment

For years, USAID has provided support to women’s health programs through maternal and reproductive health interventions and fistula repair. USAID is now supplementing those programs with efforts to sensitize men to women’s health needs in family planning, pregnancy, and childbirth.


Access to safe drinking water for Beninese has risen remarkably, from 18 percent in 1990 to 75 percent in 2008, resulting in the reduction of the incidence of diarrhea throughout the country. We are increasing access to low-cost water purification approaches and promoting hand-washing in schools and the general population.

Last updated: October 30, 2015

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