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Economic Growth and Trade

USAID implementer partner discuss activities to a private company representative.
USAID implementer partner discuss activities to a private company representative.
We support and mobilize private sector investment as a sustainable mechanism for Angola’s development. We maintain a long-standing Public Private Partnership (PPP) with ExxonMobil to co-fund malaria prevention activities. An additional PPP, the Angolan Business Alliance against HIV/AIDS, supports over 23 Luanda-based corporate entities to promote HIV/AIDS prevention and strengthen awareness activities through their corporate social responsibility agenda. We support private sector activity through a Development Credit Authority guarantee with Banco Keve and Kixicredito (two local banking institutions), to mobilize local private capital to improve the commercial viability of the local market. We are currently developing PPPs with corporations such as General Electric, Chevron and Coca Cola.
To support the effective use of resources for social programs, we partner with the Ministry of Finance to provide technical assistance, exchange and internship opportunities, and academic coursework, to develop human capital needed to implement fiscal policy reform. We provide mentoring, training and supervision to the MOH for sustainable health financing at central and municipal levels to improve budgeting, execution, and oversight of public health resources. These partnerships allow Angolan authorities to objectively account for resource needs, minimize reliance on international assistance, and create ownership over its development agenda.

Last updated: October 28, 2015

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