Mining Investment and Development for Afghanistan Sustainability (MIDAS) Project


  • Implementation period: March 2013 – March 2017
  • Project budget: $43 million

The Mining Investment and Development for Afghanistan Sustainability (MIDAS) project assists the Afghan Government to responsibly develop the nation’s mining industry by improving its ability to plan, design and implement mining concessions through transparent tender processes. MIDAS goal is to make Afghanistan’s mining industry a key source of government revenues and expand the skilled labor force to include women playing a role in the mineral development. To accomplish this, MIDAS encourages extractives and energy investors to focus on community engagement during mining site development to increase business opportunities and social progress in the region. MIDAS guides the Afghan Government to implement legal and regulatory reforms for the industry, providing technical assistance to the Ministry of Mines and Petroleum (MoMP), and developing small and medium enterprises to ensure local communities benefit from mining activities and job creation. 


  • Assist the Afghan Government to develop transparent bidding processes, contracting procedures to adopt and implement mining laws and regulations according to international best practices.
  • Help the MoMP develop expertise in geo-science field investigation, drilling, data analysis and mineral deposit management, including the execution of mineral tenders and contract management in keeping with international standards of transparency and revenue generation.
  • Provide technical and consulting assistance to Afghan small and medium enterprises, in geo-science, construction and transportation in the extractives sector to create new market opportunities.


  • Supported the MoMP to develop laws and regulations for the mining industry.
  • Enhanced MoMP expertise with on-the-job training in mineral exploration, drilling, mapping and investment promotion.
  • Developed an open process for licensing mineral areas and an industry-standard contract guide, resulting in greatly reduced processing time.
  • Carried out the first mineral drilling exploration program for granite in Shirbatu.
  • Deployed seven mineral exploration expedition teams of up to 35 geologists and engineers from the Afghanistan Geological Survey to search for mineral deposits.
  • Led study tours to the United States and Kyrgyzstan for government officials, business and civil society, providing comparative perspectives on mining legal and financial systems.
  • Trained more than 450 public and private sector as well as civil society representatives on mine development, land rights and environment protection, and business start-up procedures in the mining sector. 

Last updated: September 17, 2015

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